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Lynn Ilon

Lynn Ilon is a Chief Innovation Coordinator of Bayoom Hub – a global social enterprise based in Korea.  Dr. Ilon spent over 30 years as a professor in top ranked research universities in Africa, the United States and Korea.  Her scholarly work focuses on the global economics of networked learning. Dr. Ilon has numerous publications including the book The Cost of Not Educating the World's Poor (Routledge Press).  She has worked in the field in Pacific Islands (Micronesia, 3 years), the Middle East (Jordan, 2 years), Africa (Zimbabwe, 2 years; Zambia, 3 years) and many other countries for months at a time. She has consulted for the World Bank, the United Nations, US AID, Dfid, the Asian and Africa Development Banks and numerous other multilateral, bi-lateral, global and local organizations.   Dr. Ilon holds degrees in Anthropology (B.A.), Educational Research & Statistics (M.S.), Economics (M.S.), and International Development Education (Ph.D.).